FAQ – The Mesh Add-on Craze!

With the invention and release of mesh bodies and other mesh avatar add-ons, creators like myself are faced with all new challenges. It takes a lot of additional time to make appliers that support most of the mesh add-ons on the market today – sometimes doubling the time I spend on any given project while making no additional profit. I myself am a fan of the mesh bodies and own several as well as some mesh breast add-ons. I personally can’t live without my Slink hands and feet. I offer as many appliers as I can so everyone can enjoy their mesh add-on purchases. However, the amount of IM’s and note cards I receive daily with questions about mesh bodies, add-ons and appliers is getting hard to handle. I decided to was time to make a FAQ to help answer some of the common questions I see and get help to people faster. Please read the questions before contacting me with questions about appliers and mesh add-ons. Hopefully your question will already be answered here! Also, consider whether the question should be going to the creator of the mesh you are wearing versus the third party creators making simple appliers.

I hope this helps!

QUESTION: I can’t find my TheMeshProject Installer on the supplied applier HUD. What do I do?
ANSWER: TMP doesn’t use appliers. Please search your folder for a TMP Installer(s).


QUESTION: Your product is advertised as being [INSERT NAME] compatible but I don’t see the appliers for that.
ANSWER: Most newer releases come with one universal HUD with all advertised appliers on it (minus TheMeshProject which uses installers).


QUESTION: I bought an outfit from you but I don’t know how to open and get my outfit.
ANSWER: My products come in folders from the Marketplace – everything conveniently organized by mesh body. There is nothing to “open.” The appliers comes ready to wear. Don’t rez the applier HUD and open it – you will break it and it then won’t work.


QUESTION: I’ve learned my mesh body part is Omega applier compatible, but I bought your outfit and try to use the Omega appliers but they don’t work.
ANSWER: The Omega applier system often requires you to purchase the necessary script from the Omega system creator and install it in your body part before Omega appliers will work with it. Some mesh body’s are no-mod and require you to wear a relay when using Omega appliers.

OMEGA’S WEBSITE: http://lovenlustdesigns.blogspot.com/
OMEGA MARKETPLACE: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/133475

I supply the appliers, but I don’t offer support for Omega and how to mod your body to work with them. Please contact the Omega creator for instructions and support. I’ve included a link to their Youtube video tutorial below.

YouTube Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d6L0d5WjVk


QUESTION: I am using the Slink stockings/socks applier and they are not working.
ANSWER: You must wear the utilities HUD that came with your Slink feet and turn on the stocking layer there in order to see the applier. If you don’t see a utilities HUD with your Slink feet or hands, please visit their in-world store and request a redelivery of the updated version.


QUESTION: My applier is showing in pieces and/or my clothing layer shows but my tattoo layer disappears when wearing your appliers.
ANSWER: SL can’t handle two 32-bit alpha textures on top of each other (which makes bodies with multiple layers oftentimes pointless). TheMeshProject body runs rampant with this issue and other bodies to a much smaller extent. If you are wearing an applier on the tattoo layer and then go to apply a clothing layer over it, you will likely not see the tattoo layer underneath – it will disappear. This is not an issue with the appliers but a well known alpha sorting issue with SL’s graphic engine itself. Please talk with your mesh add-on creator if this issue is something you encounter frequently. There are ways they can reduce the likelihood of it happening on their end. There is little third party applier/installer creators can do on our end.


QUESTION: I am using your breast appliers for my mesh breast and the texture does not seem to fit.
ANSWER: Each breast shape and size is different. There are a lot of different mesh breast available and everyone is unique. In order to get the perfect fit, you need to adjust the texture manually.


STEP 1 – Right click on your mesh breast and choose edit (you can also right click on it from your inventory).
STEP 2 – Put a check in the “edit linked” tick box. – Go into the texture tab and hold down your CTRL key while pressing the period key (.) Continue to toggle through the textures until you see the texture you want to edit.
STEP 3 – When you see your clothing texture in the texture tab. Change the vertical offset and/or the scales until you get the fit you want. Please make certain to make copies of your mesh before making changes.


QUESTION: Parts of your appliers become invisible beneath the hair I am wearing.
ANSWER: This is one again an issue with the alpha sorting glitch. Second Life can not handle two 32-bit apha textures over one another (the layer on your mesh and the layer on your hair on top of each other) This is a Second Life limitation/issue and as of now, there is no solution for it.


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