Home Away From Home!

I had to post about this house because I am so pleased with it. I’ve been looking to get a new house for some time but didn’t want to mess around with picking up furniture and having to sort it out and put some of it back down. I had a house that was too big for my tastes and didn’t feel like “home” to me. It was also using a lot of prims which was a waste since I was next to never in it. I started searching around and found this home by Trompe Loeil.

I first saw it on the Marketplace and I fell in love with it in the pictures there. I will admit that I had difficulties finding the demo of the house in Trompe Loeil’s main store. I must have teleported into their sim 3 or 4 times, flying around, walking through their store and doing an area search with no luck finding the demo. I bought it without seeing the demo. It turns out the demo was on a platform in the air and the teleporter was at their main desk at ground level. Once the creator told me where to find it I was able to find it easily enough.

I had an issue with the house. When I walked into it my camera kept bouncing into mouse look which made me feel like the house was very confining and small. I contacted the creator and she sent me a scaled version. This house is fully modifiable so it was easy to select it and scale it bigger. That however did not stop the camera bounce I found so annoying. I almost took the house back down but decided to put the problem to a group of friends on SL Universe. Sure enough, someone came up with a solution to my problem and I was happily able to move about my new home without my camera bouncing off the walls.

I was now a happy camper. I can’t say enough about this house. It looks amazing on the inside and outside. It appeals to my tastes; dark woods and rustic feel. It’s mesh so it is low prim (hovering around the 200 prim range). All the walls are tintable to you can “paint” the walls to match any decor. I particularly like this A LOT. I had a blast tinting the walls to match my furniture. This house quickly became one of my favorite SL houses of all time – and I own a lot of Second Life houses! It has two bedrooms (one of which I made into a bathroom), a living room, dining room, a kitchen (I made this into a bonus room), a patio room and an unfinished upstairs room which is nice and large. It’s a lot of house for its size.

It’s not one of those houses that are ridiculously out of scale and because of this it feels more “homey” to me than a lot of homes and I feel like it’s spacious and cozy at the same time.

I wanted to also mentioned that when I had a problem finding the demo and with the camera issue I was in contact with the creator, Cory Edo, and she couldn’t have handled the situation better. She was understanding, helpful and made sure I was happy. I am sure I was a real pain in the backside but she didn’t make me feel like it. Thus, not only is her house amazing, but she is as well so you are in very good hands.

Here is my new house. I will try to credit as many of the furniture creators who designed such amazing pieces shown in these many photographs as well. This will be a picture heavy post. Enjoy!

Click on photographs to see them full size.
house (3)House – Trompe Loeil

house (4)house (5)
house (6)house (7)house (1)house (8)house (9)house (2)

Dining Set: La Galleria
Bonus Room Couch/Coffee Table/Rug: {What Next}
Bonus Room Paintings/Bookcase: Stonewood Interiors
Leather Living Room Set: La Galleria
Yellow Stuffed Chairs: Stonewood Interiors
Bathroom: BAZAR
Bedroom: Lisp Bazaar


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