New Release! Rebecca Bridal Gown

Rebecca by Phenix!

This is the newest release from Phenix. It’s another partial mesh gown. The tube dress itself is mesh and the skirts are prim for great flexi movement. It also features prim sleeves, chest attachment and veil.

You can pick up this dress or try a demo at both our in-world store and on the Marketplace.


New Release! "Now & Forever" Dining Set

To access the place settings and food menu, simply touch the table. You can choose from many place settings and food options. Keep in mind that rezzing the whole food setting complete will be 146 prims.
– Touch table to rez place settings and food options.
– Touch chair to get chair menu. Three sit pose options including eating pose.

– A folder with eating utensils (knife and fork) are offered when on the eating pose.
– The table cloth colors can be change by chat command. Type /85 [Your Color Choice].


/85 red
/85 blue
/85 purple
/85 green
/85 black
/85 brown
/85 raspberry
/85 burgundy
/85 teal

New Release – The Butterfly Bouquets

Brand hew bridal bouquets from Phenix. 

These bouquets feature three orchids surrounded by hibiscus flowers. It comes in many different colors.

Each bouquet has two beautiful sculpted butterflies. Both butterflies animate on command. Their wings really flutter.

Check them out on the Marketplace and in our in world store!