New Suits – Phenix

I am very excited about my new men’s suits. Lets face it, my previous men’s suits left a lot to be desired. I pretty much gave up on making things for men because I just wasn’t very good at it. It’s a challenge when you’re a petite female avie.

I have since learned to just slap a male shape on (and hide on my work platform when I do it) and allow my imagination to guide me. This is the result.

Finally a men’s formal I can be truly proud of. It’s is available in both silver (pictured here) and red. I also have a version of this suit with a white jacket for those men who prefer to wear white on their special

day or event. The suit includes a matching boutonniere and dress shoes. It’s a great deal for the price. It is available both in my in-world store and on the Marketplace. I hope to be adding some new colors to the choices on this suit soon. There is another formal suit recently released that runs in this tuxedos main vain. The main difference is that it has tails. Visit the store and check them out.

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